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by Stockholm Siesta

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released February 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Stockholm Siesta Brampton, Ontario

Stockholm Siesta are an alternative/indie rock band based out of Brampton, Ontario. Thanks for listening, let's hang out sometime

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Track Name: Couch
I'm not trying to extend my welcome.
Three years in this state and I want to forget.
I don't want to be here to see the outcome.
know one's going to teach you what to expect.

Now I'm sitting alone on my couch again.
Trying to remember all the things I forgot.
Spending to much time with herbal medication.
Thats a violation of my probation.

Every time we hangout together,
something always happens these programmed reactions.
Having a good time thinking that you're mine.
In due time!
Ill figure out why we were both shy,
You have me so scared I don't even know why.
Track Name: Hydrophobia
We can sit on the beach & watch the ocean breeze play with her hair.
As I stare into your starry eyes i can finally see whats gonna happen to me when I die. We drift away.

If this water could talk I bet it would have a lot of stories to tell.
About the fish in the sea, swimming like me.

And I don't know what you do to me girl all I know is that you do it to well.
Baby don't let me down, watch me drown in my misery.
It was something I dread when you said that I'd be better friendless and dead
But im still here after another year drinking underneath that burned down pier.

Hear the waves roar, watch them crashing
You've never felt this way before I'm out here thrashing.
And they got search lights see them flashing
Well never make it home tonight, I'm out here thrashing.
Track Name: Nothing
Just close your eyes, don't worry about any of that.
Forget the lies, the world has got you tripping again.
Now concentrate on your breathing.
Inhale, exhale.

That breath you take, those lungs you hate
Are what I need to stay awake.
The atmosphere, the space you're near.
It's nothing, it's nothing.
We're nothing, we're nothing.
The alcohol destroys us all.
The drugs you take are your mistake.

These lonely thoughts are all I feel
And all I need to stay real.
Track Name: Leonardo Dicapo
Who would have thought that living in my mind could be so dark?
Lay off the medication kid, this self prescribing isn't working out.
It should be obvious by now.

Sometimes when I hear your voice it takes over me
Like a breath of fresh air, so calm and soothing.
I can hear you scream but you're lips aren't moving.

What's the deal I don't feel to well?
I'm heaven sent but I look like hell.
Who are you? Who am I? Do you know me?
I'm not the person that I use to be.
Cause its been so long & I've changed so much.
I think I lost my mind when we lost touch.
& I do a lot of drugs I must admit,
thats why I'm sick to death & I just can't fucking quit.
Better hit me as hard as you can.
You want to fight well I'm your man.
With my tiger claw and my jagged stance
I can break your jaw with my own two hands.