Fixin' To Be A Lot Better

by Stockholm Siesta

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James Murray
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James Murray Stockholm Siesta is one of the best bands to come out of Brampton. I've been waiting for this EP to come out for a while and its definitely everything I hoped they would do. Favorite track: Ask Me How.
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Engineered, produced, mixed & mastered by Michael Evola
Recorded at Träumen Sound in Brampton Ont.

Special thanks to Mark Melo and Jesse Alarcon.


released June 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Stockholm Siesta Brampton, Ontario

Stockholm Siesta are an alternative/indie rock band based out of Brampton, Ontario. Thanks for listening, let's hang out sometime

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Track Name: Cannibals
Walking around the same old town,
eating the flesh off the same old bodies,
I want to leave but I don't know how so I
keep calm and carry on rotting,
but all I taste is your blood in my mouth.

We live like cannibals,
consume you consume me until were full,
we live like cannibals,
well feed because everyones edible.

I won't stop till I've had my fill,
your last shred of hope is long gone,
so if you're here and you're breathing still,
better head for the hills or you'll be dead by dawn
and we won't care because

We live like cannibals,
consume you consume me until were full,
we live like cannibals,
well feed because everyones edible.

We will never be full,
we can wear suits and ties but were still cannibals,
you won't know what lies underneath,
till I bare my teeth.

We live like cannibals,
consume you consume me until were full,
we live like cannibals,
well feed because everyones edible.
Track Name: Dance Of The Dead
We die, quick as we came
Though we try to cheat the grave
To live your life is to play pretend
'Cause we're all skeletons in the end

We die by bombs and blades and guns
And accidental decapitation
So you better watch everything that you do
Because the world is an assassin and it's after you
Death by disease or death by

falling, falling
Get on your knees the grave is calling, calling
It doesn't matter how you go
Or who you know or what they said
Everybody do the dance of the dead

So dance and despair
There's a chill filling the air
Accept your fate and lose control
'Cause it's much too late to save your soul

The end is near, but the dance ain't done
'Cause we dead people just wanna have fun
So let me see you shake, let me rattle your bones
We're all gonna go, but we're not gonna go alone
So come and dance around the pillar of fire
Come all you beggars, kings, and killers, liars
No matter how much you protest
Or how you're dressed or what you've read
Everybody do the dance of the dead

This is your final day and it's so nice, so nice
We're gonna fade away in the sunlight
I know you want to stay, but there's no time, no time
So say goodbye to sea and sky
And to the earth on which you tread
Everybody do the dance of the dead
Track Name: Meds
Hold your breath
This is just a test
I promise you that you'll be alright
But you might feel a sting
A touch of suffering
But you'll do anything
To help you sleep at night

So look close
And tell me what you see
Is it dissonance or harmony?
Masterpiece or travesty?
Euphoria or misery?
Now breathe

Got one in my pocket
And five in the chamber
Danger, danger
I think I'm losing my mind
Ignored all these warning signs
I'm about to unwind
I need a doctor
Doctor, doctor
Please give me your diagnosis
Well my records show
You're at a whole new low
And your close to psychosis now

So look close
And tell me what you see
A miracle or tragedy?
Tenderness or savagery?
Weightlessness or gravity?
Now breathe

There's an ice on the inside
See your breath in the cold
We'll be nothing but snow
We'll be nothing, nothing

Where do we go when we die?
And does anyone know?
Are there such things as souls?
Or just nothing, nothing

My eyesight fails to reveal
All these dread night terrors concealed
In this twilight
Stumbling in the dark

And I see so many lives
Set adrift in the mist
But we've all got to navigate
This strange abyss
So I'm making a choice
Between heaven and hell
Between venturing into the void
And destroying myself
Track Name: Ask Me How
Close all the doors, turn off the lights, were not going out tonight.
Streets in disguise, theres no one in sight,
But I feel her hand on my spine and open my eyes.
Will you show me the right way to die?

Pull on the ropes I'm breathing in smoke, please tell me that this is a joke.
You standing there watching me sputter and choke,
tell me to just close my eyes,
Sleep and regret saying do you feel sorry yet?
drown in your misery.

when you go,
turn to look back at me twisting in agony face in the dirt.
when you go,
douce me in gasoline, matches and magazines, third degree burns.
You're watching me smoulder, colder then the ground.
maybe you'll learn as you burn down.

These hospital beds and people in white,
The days turning into night
the doctor says I should be glad i'm alive
I don't know what made you decide,
that I had to burn, so I think i'll take my turn
lets make a tragedy.

You should know,
the first rule of homicide you should make sure that I'm put in a grave,
you should know,
that you were the start of this, heart broken arsonist speaking in flames,
I'm building a fire, higher then the clouds.
Maybe you'll learn, as you burn, down!